The Top 5 Granite Colors For Kitchen Countertops

April 4, 2022

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There are literally hundreds of granite colors to choose from for your kitchen countertop. But not all of them are created equal when it comes to popularity and timelessness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 granite colors for kitchen countertops, based on our own experience and feedback from customers.

White Granite

White granite is by far the most popular color for kitchen countertops. It has a clean, crisp look that goes well with any style of kitchen, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between. And because it’s such a versatile color, white granite is also one of the most affordable options. If you’re on a budget, white granite is a great choice. White granite is also very easy to care for. It’s stain-resistant and heat-resistant, so you can rest assured that your countertops will look great for years to come. Popular patterns of White Granite are White Thunder, Viscon White, Monte Cristo, and Saint Moritz

Black Granite

Black granite is a popular choice for those who want a dramatic look in their kitchen. It’s elegant and sophisticated, and it can make your kitchen feel more luxurious. However, black granite can also be one of the more expensive options. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you might want to consider dark gray granite instead. Popular patterns of Black Granite are Via Lactea, Uba Tuba, and Brazilian Black.

Dark Gray Granite

Dark gray granite is a good middle ground between white and black. It has the clean look of white granite, but with a bit more personality. Gray granite can give your kitchen a modern or industrial feel, depending on the other finishes in the space. If you want a dark countertop that will still show off your kitchen’s white cabinets, dark gray granite is a good choice. Popular Patterns of Dark Gray Granite are Grigio Carnico, Caledonia, Luna Pearl, and Steel Grey Leather.

Brown Granite

Brown granite is a nice, neutral hue that works well in kitchens of all styles, from country to traditional and beyond. And because it’s pretty much a universal color, brown granite is typically one of the more affordable options on the market today. Popular Patterns of Brown Granite are St. Cecelia, Sunset Gold, Typhoon Bordeaux, and Lapidus.

Green Granite

Green granite has a luxurious and elegant look that can really make your kitchen stand out. It’s best suited for those who want an eye-catching countertop without having to sacrifice on quality or sturdiness. Plus, green granite tends to be more durable than some of the other popular colors available today. Popular Patterns of Green Granite are Green Soapstone, African Rainbow, and Typhoon Green.

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